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100 Percent Family Law · It’s All We Do…

We are exclusively, 100%, devoted to Family LawWhy Choose Law Offices Of John Donahue ? – Because we do not spread our legal knowledge and energies too thin— over multiple legal fields — as so many ‘Jack of All Trades” lawyers do. Personal Injury? Bankruptcy? Business Contracts? Sorry, no… You’ll have to go elsewhere. Family Law is ALL we do!

It’s in our client’s best interest that we are exclusively, 100%, devoted to Family Law. Over our combined 33 years of legal practice, John Donahue and John Donahue have helped hundreds and hundreds of satisfied clients — many who have elected to drive long distances to sit down for our first case strategy meeting. If you are facing a family law issue, considering dissolution of marriage or domestic partnership, wouldn’t you feel more comfortable teaming up with experienced lady lawyers who focus solely on just Family Law issues? Call us. Share your dilemma with us. Ask us questions. Schedule a no charge half hour sit-down meeting. Then, decide if we are the lawyers that are a good fit for you and your needs.

Aggressively Protecting Your Interests & Goals – No Paper Pushers Here!

When you are facing divorce, child custody issues, or other family law challenges, you need to find an attorney with determined dedication to protecting your interests and your goals. You need a family law attorney you can depend upon to go to battle for you if the need should arise. There are so many paper-pushing, impotent and timid lawyers out there who simply cannot get their clients any measure of justice or satisfactory results in the often brutal world of Family Law Court. You’ll greatly benefit by hiring a family law attorney who knows the law, knows the local courts and has an established reputation for tough, aggressive and reliable advocacy.

33-Years Combined Experience – 100% Focus on Family Law & Divorce

John Donahue, Esq. and John Donahue, Esq. have been helping individuals calmly deal with their divorce, child support, child custody, support modifications and paternity issues with a steady and guiding hand that clients appreciate in this emotional and anxious season of their life. Having some 3-plus decades of combined legal experience, Law Offices Of John Donahue, is the experienced West Los Angeles Family Law Firm worth your serious consideration.

Divorce is Stressful – But Numerous Critical Decisions MUST Be Made

Divorce is Stressful - Image of stressed out manWe understand how difficult it is to go through a divorce. At Law Offices Of John Donahue – we pride ourselves in getting our clients through these difficult and stressful times.

Every client is special to us. We treat every client with compassion and while steadily guiding them to focus and concentrate on the key and critical decisions that they must help us determine what are your bottom line goals and expectations that you want us to help you negotiate and achieve. In divorce compromise is often necessary on both sides, but we are very good at getting our precious clients as close as possible to their goals and expectations.

Frankly, these key decisions and agreements – that must be hammered out during a dissolution of marriage or domestic partnership process will affect your future 2, 10 or even 20 years from now. As this stressful season you are living through finally fades in your rearview mirror, you’ll be thankful that you selected skilled and experienced lawyers who helped you focus on your situation today so that your new life as a single person in the near future is on the best possible course.

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When you face divorce or another family law matter, you need to choose the right attorney.

Call Law Offices Of John Donahue at (310) 735-9877 or contact us online to schedule a confidential, no cost, half-hour sit-down appointment with a compassionate, caring and experienced Family Law Attorney today. We’ll share our frank and honest opinions with you about your choices and probable outcomes of the issues that are most important to you and your goals.

We Excel in Out-of-Court NegotiationJohn Donahue - Family Law, Divorce AttorneyJohn S. DonahueWe excel in Courtroom Litigation when necessary
John Donahue and John S. Donahue

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